Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Decorating

Decorating the tree, Christmas music, & homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows.  It's the hap happiest season of all!

Jolly Old Saint Nick

We made a day of visiting Santa with our favorite Wilzbachers:  church, Santa photos, lunch at Maggiano's, playing outside at the Domain, and dessert at Yogurt Planet.

Stella asked for princess rings, like the ones she got last year from Santa, but lost.
Sam asked for cars that turn in to dinosaurs.  A LOT of cars that turn in to dinosaurs.
And with a very loud, sad cry, Oliver asked to be handed back to his mommy.


This year Nate and I made our very first Thanksgiving meal all by ourselves.  High five!!!  The Scotts came over for the day, and we had a blast spending time with our friends!!

On Friday, we went down to the farm for round two.  Susie outdid herself in the kitchen(as usual), the kids played with their animals, collected lizards, caterpillars, and butterflies, climbed trees, helped Grandpa with the fish, and loved every minute of it.  Stella cried as we were leaving, she is a little farm girl at heart :)

Halloween 2012

We went to a Halloween festival with Courtney and Diane, a trip to the St. John's pumpkin patch, Allandale party at the McKinley's, and we had a little block party to celebrate the day of sugar overload!!!  Stella was a candy fairy, Sam was Wolverine, and Oliver was the little old man from Up.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christmas in Houston

Our Houston Christmas was a holly jolly good time!! Beautiful weather, swimming (yes, only in a Texas winter!!), feeding ducks at the pond, playdate with the Boles and Dimiceli kids, playing at the park, dinner at Giuseppe's, breakfast casserole, homemade marshmallows, toffee, and a sea of presents (Maka always outdoes herself :) The kids loved every minute, and we did too!! HO HO HO

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Coldest Shoot EVER.

Oh, what we will do for a Christmas card!!! It was FREEZING and the winds were brutal, but even that couldn't bring us down! The amazing Janica Boles captured our families perfectly.
I love having photos with Maka, Pop, and Team Barnes. It makes my heart sing...

La Vita e Stella, Sam, &Oliver